martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016

I am the owner of my life

Photo's name: When The Sun Comes To Life. Photo: Maury Santos

I am the owner of my life and I am responsible for my choices.

I just have one life and I have to live this life the best way possible. So, few days ago I made a decision, I quit my Job and I got out of the city that I lived. I realized that I was unhappy. I always had admiration for the wild world and it inspired me. I began to notice a bird, a big bird of prey. It helped me to see the world with another eyes and it made me find my new horizon. 

The bird I am talking about is the bald eagle. Do you know why? Because the bald eagle does not have a job, but fulfills its obligations; does not have a car, but it can fly; It does not have a fridge full of food, but it hunts and fishes; does not have hot water and a comfortable bed, but it always knows how to protect itself from the bad weather. 

However, every day, without guarantees, even exposing itself to predators, it looks for survival. It flies and flies, charging through the skies, one of the greatest natural beauties in the world. Where it flies, it commands respect and admiration. It has nothing, but at the same time it has everything. Today, I feel like that, I have nothing and at the same time, I have everything.

I can tell you one thing: who loves does not put chains, who loves, leaves the other free to fly. I do not want to stop you. I have to put you on the path and you have to follow it. You must make your dreams come true and if you see me by your side still, we can try to fly together. At this point I am certain that I cannot give you happiness, but I can give you something even better, wings to fly.

* Author: Maury Santos
* Photo: Maury Santos
* Twitter: @maurysantos  

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