miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

The red of my passion

I want to cut my veins and bleed all my passion
I want by this act that you see me dying of love
I want to drown me in your tears when I am your sadness
I want to be the light of your awakening 
And the twilight of your bedtime

I found security in your arms
I found gentle warmth in your breasts
I found hope in your smile
I found peace in your serene shining eyes

You are my harbor when I am totality drift
You are my shelter in the middle of dense thunderstorms
You are my balance in front of the high hurdles
You are the red of my life in my gray moments

* Author: Maury Santos
* Twitter: @maurysantos
* Publisher: Anna Cecília Castor
* The pictures have been taken from the web.